Pacific Life Promise GUL Sweet Spots!

More often than not when you are running quotes for older ages, especially for smaller face amounts, the default is to run shorter duration term, like a ten year. Well, Pacific Life GUL has a sweet spot! This works for both males and females ages 76 and older, but especially for females. 

Below are some sample numbers for a Female, Standard Non-Tobacco, $50K of death benefit on Annual basis.  Running a GUL in these situations can look better than a traditional 10 Year term and is not too much more to carry to age 95. It might even be cheaper! 

Next time you are running older age term quotes be sure to look at Pacific Life’s Promise GUL and see if this might be a better option for your producers’ clients.

Female 76 Female 77 Female 78
Term 10 - $2,322 Term 10 - $2,703 Term 10 - $3,148
GUL Age 90 - $2,063 GUL Age 90 - $2,201 GUL Age 90 - $2,317
GUL Age 95 - $2,475 GUL Age 95 - $2,677 GUL Age 95 - $2,872