Genworth Will Launch a New LTC Solution - Element

Genworth is working to help make long term care insurance more accessible through underwriting enhancements and more affordable solutions.

On June 27, they will launch Element, a long term care insurance solution based on our flagship Privileged Choice Flex 3 product. Element features four preset packages. There are two decisions to make: determine which level of protection your clients want and for couples, the optional Shared Coverage benefit can be selected.

Element packages offer more affordable coverage options by focusing on smaller yet meaningful coverage amounts with benefits that are optimized for home care. Each of the four packages options include:

  • 2% Compound Inflation Protection
  • Informal Care
  • Waiver of Premium
  • Increase Coverage Option
  • Refund of Premium Upon Death Up to Age 65
  • 1st Day Home Care
  • 90 Service Day Elimination Period for Facility Care

For full details on Genworth's New LTC solution - Element click HERE 



Be sure to mark your calendars for July 14 at 2PM EST when we will host a webinar about Genworth's newest solution, Element.