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If you are looking for a High Quality Life Insurance Brokerage General Agent, you've found the right place!  We carry many quality insurance companies - contact us or compare products on our website to see which one works best for the situation!

Brokerage Services is a member of of The Marketing Alliance - a select group of Independent Brokerage General Agency Wholesalers who combine resources in order to serve the agent better with high commissions, carrier access, and direct underwriting contact.  We are also active members of NAIFA-SC,  

Brokerage Services has been a Life Insurance Brokerage General Agent since 1977. We look forward to earning your life insurance brokerage business!

Virtual Update!

We have gone virtual. If you would like to contact us, you can still quickly and easily reach us through the information on our contact page. We will get back to you as fast as possible.

COVID-19 Update!

In these difficult times, we strongly encourage our agents to use Rapid App to connect with their clients. Rapid App allows you to continue to sell life insurance safely in a business climate of extremely limited travel and social distancing. All communication can be done through phone calls, digital forms and e-delivery!


Use Rapid App to keep your business on track!

TMA Drop Ticket - the fastest way to an underwriter!

Here are some of the benefits agencies are experiencing by making the Drop Ticket Platform an integral part of their marketing plan:

  1. Growing revenue by recruiting new sources of production and expanding their base
  2. Growing revenue from existing producers by offering a simple, convenient, end-to-end process 
  3. Larger brand presence by branding their platform to their agency
  4. Growing production of "core" carriers through customization of Drop Ticket - choosing which carriers their producers see
  5. Differentiating themselves in the market by offering cutting-edge technology
  6. Staying involved through the entire process and keeping their producers informed with less expense/resources/time

Drop Ticket's multi-carrier platform gives you the ability to offer up to 8 carriers to your producers:

  • AIG
  • SBLI (Centrian)
  • LGA (Banner/William Penn)
  • Protective
  • Pacific Life
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • John Hancock (with and without Vitality)
  • Prudential